Board & Governance

A volunteer Board of Directors manages the strategic direction of the Advocacy South West operational team.

Our Board

Michael Finn
Michael Finn, joined Advocacy WA Board in 2014. He is an experienced professional whose career has been in supporting people with mental illness and other psychosocial disabilities. He has a strong interest in governance issues.
Todd Grigo
Todd is local businesses entrepreneur with a strong social commitment to supporting community groups to become and remain sustainable. He brings a great deal of knowledge to our Board and has taken on the role of Treasurer.
Harley Radovan
Harley is the Founder and Managing Director of Focused on Finance. Harley genuinely cares about helping people and identifying opportunities that will benefit the community. His personal experiences with disabilities have lead him to care about how people are treated by society and hopes he can make a significant impact by joining the Board.
Eleanor Yates
Eleanor is a solicitor local to the South West. She has a keen interest in social justice, particularly disability advocacy. I joined Advocacy Western Australia in August 2016 and look forward to lending my support to this organisation.
Paul Nutt
Paul is a private practitioner in a Counselling and Consulting practice in both Bunbury and Collie. Paul has a Bachelor of Social Work, Graduate Certificate Mental Health Practice and a Masters in Mental Health Practice.
Andries Pretorius
Andries has worked in key roles in Government, Corporates and NFP’s, including disability services in Australia for more than seven years. Andries shares Advocacy WA’s passion for creating change that will enhance services to people with disabilities.
Carmel Sheppard
Carmel Sheppard, has been associated with Advocacy WA since it was established in 1991. She recently retired from the WA Department of Education and is a committed volunteer and member of many Bunbury community groups.
Robert Hesketh
Robert has lived and worked in Bunbury for the past 12 years and has been involved with Advocacy Western Australia since 2005 both as a client and as a valued Board member. Robert likes camping, walking, fishing, keeping fit and reading.