Advocacy South West welcomes the announcement by the McGowan Government that WA will be signing up to the federal NDIS.

The announcement provides much needed certainty for people with disabilities, their families and carers who have experienced much anxiety waiting for a decision.  As part of the National Scheme Western Australians will now be assured that they are part of a fully national scheme that is consistent across Australia.


People currently in WA administered NDIS will have their plan transferred to the federal scheme from April 2018.



Fuestions raised in social media and other channels are addressed weekly.

Information sessions about the national NDIS are available from January 2018 for people with disability and providers in those areas transferring from WA NDIA before July 2018.

Details are published on the events page on the NDIS website  and promoted in newspapers and on social media.

Local Coordinators can also provide information about when people will move into the Commonwealth NDIS and where to access more information.


Please click the link below to answer any FAQS about the NDIS rollout.

Announcement FAQs WA NDIS