An Update On Advocacy Activities From Joan Sang


In the months of May and June, advocates were actively engaged in individual advocacy work in Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Harvey, Manjimup, Bridgetown, and Collie. We not only advocated for the rights and needs of individuals living with disabilities, but also conducted information sessions in Collie, Harvey, Busselton, and Margaret River. At these sessions, we shared information about the NDIS and Disability Support Pension, answered questions, and raised awareness about advocacy services available to each community.  

The top 3 issues we supported clients within the past 2 months are: 



Client x was referred to Advocacy WA by another agency, seeking support with a Disability Support Pension application. Our advocate held an initial meeting with the client to create an action plan that focused on client outcomes. We provided the client with templates their doctor could use to collect supporting medical evidence. These templates addressed the eligibility criteria for a Disability Support Pension application. Our advocate then supported the client complete an application via the online MyGov portal. The outcome was successful, and the client is now receiving a Disability Support Pension.