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Disability Legislation Reform


The Disability Services Act 1993 became legislation in Western Australia almost 30 years ago. The Act provides for and regulates state-led disability services.

In recent years, many eligible Western Australians joined the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the Disability Services Commission became part of the Department of Communities, and the Office of Disability was formed. A Western Australia for Everyone: State Disability Strategy 2020-2030 and its first two Action Plans were also published.

The State’s disability sector and community has undergone big changes in a short time and to support these changes, a major reform of Western Australia’s disability legislation is underway.

The Office of Disability is inviting people with disability, their families and carers, the many stakeholders, and all Western Australians who have an interest in Western Australia’s disability legislation to provide feedback on the Consultation Paper on the legislation reforms. The Consultation Paper, including accessible versions, is available for consideration at the following web pages: Disability Services ( and Reforming Western Australia’s disability legislation – consultation paper (

Feedback on the Consultation Paper will capture issues of importance to be addressed in future WA disability legislation. I encourage you to consider the Consultation Paper and share it with your contacts. This is an important opportunity for all to contribute to ensure WA disability legislation meets the modern needs of the community.

Fore more info, access the consultation paper here: Reforming-WA-disability-legislation-Consultation-Paper.pdf


Should you have any questions or wish to discuss the Consultation Paper, please contact the Reform Project Team at or by phone on 0421 978 786.