Privacy & Confidentiality

AWA collects information about the people who use our service. We do this to make sure that we record the work we do for you and to keep track of all the activities undertaken.

We keep basic personal information, along with other information about your problem. We record the results you are hoping for and take notes on what we have been doing.

We  also  put reports together from this information to show that we are doing our job. These reports do not identify anybody.


The only people who can look at your information are the advocates who work for AWA and are assisting you.

We will always ask your permission before talking to other people about your issue unless:

  • A law court orders us to provide information in a client’s file;
  • We may have to release information in an  emergency situation where there is a serious risk to a person’s life, health or safety or threat to public health or safety;
  • People such as NDS Standards Auditors who have signed an Agreement not to tell anyone about information in the files may look at some of them to make sure we are providing good quality advocacy (you can sign a note to say you do not want your file to be included in the audit if you wish).

Can I See My Own File?

Yes.  If you want to see your file, all you have to do is ask. You can take a copy, but the file belongs to the Service.

How Secure is My File?

When not in use, your file is kept in a secure cabinet and computer system. Our computers have strong security passwords.