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Community Disability Advocacy

Advocacy WA, in association with People With disabilities WA (PWdWA) and Sussex Street Community Legal Centre (SSCLC), is rolling out a co-designed Community Disability Advocacy Network (CDAN)  across the South West region of WA.

The network will bring together people with an interest in identifying and seeking solutions to issues faced by people with disability at a local level. Advocacy WA will train and equip people to advocate for themselves and their communities.

Self-Advocacy Workshops

To prepare people to take part fully in the Community Disability Advocacy Network , we are offering a series of workshops in 2022 and 2023 designed to build confidence in participants and help them uncover their strengths and skills.  Workshops will be held in a number of centres across the region including Bunbury, Harvey, Busselton, Margaret River, Bridgetown, Collie & Capel.

1. Our Story –  November & December 2022

In this community storytelling workshop we consider the beliefs, learnings, values, challenges, goals and relationships specific to people with disability in the local community. As people  identify and prioritise issues affecting them, we prepare the foundation for an action plan and also identify the readiness of participants to take action on any issue.

2. Movers & Shakers

For people to successfully self-advocate, they first need to adopt a future-orientated mindset which fosters flexibility, adaptability and the desire and ability to take risks. In this workshop, we will explore the idea of entrepreneurship and how it can help us develop an action plan which improves outcomes for people with disabilities in your area. We will develop some of the ideas generated in the Our Story workshop, and decide which of your great ideas to work on in the coming months.

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3. Living the Dream

To create a successful Community Disability Advocacy Network, we need to recruit people with leadership capabilities who are able to inspire people with a vision for change. This session explores the concept of leadership and outlines the key characteristics of a leader. It also develops key skills for inspiring confidence and motivating others to achieve change.

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4. Captain Confidence

For a Community Disability Advocacy Network to work successfully, members need to communicate effectively with people across the community, while maintaining good relationships with others in the network. As well as exploring strategies for self-regulation and conflict resolution, this workshop will advise on how to ensure that teamwork is fun and effective.

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5. Busi-Body

To advocate successfully in the community, Network members need to develop a set of skills to ensure that their message is delivered effectively and professionally. This session focusses on how to manage time, lead meetings and develop networking and problem solving skills. We investigate various ways people can add value to the CDAN and wider community.

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Business & Community Accessibility Workshops

Advocacy WA is engaging with the wider community to prepare them for future interaction with the Community Disability Advocacy Network.

FREE Business and Community workshops are delivered by Advocacy WA  throughout the South West region and are targeted to the business sector and others working in customer-facing roles, as well as community members with an interest in access and inclusion.

Sessions educate people on the challenges faced by people with disability in the community, particularly those that may require support in accessing services and business offerings. Participants also learn to:

  • Improve customer service to people with disabilities
  • Improve digital and physical accessibility of services
  • Market and communicate more effectively to people with disabilities
  • Access equipment and resources
  • Identify different types of disabilities and potential barriers


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