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Disability Royal Commission

Advocacy WA is very proud to be the nominated advocacy service for the Disability Royal Commission in the South West.

After being established in April 2019, the Royal Commission into the Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation or Violence Towards People with Disabilities will run until spring 2022. The aim of the Commission is to gather information from people affected by these issues, so that recommendations can be made to Government about what needs to be changed. These changes will hopefully lead to people with disabilities being better protected and supported in the future.

At Advocacy WA, we realise that many of the issues that people will raise with this Royal Commission may involve personal experiences that are distressing and traumatic. We are here to offer assistance to people that would like to tell their story to the commission through the submission process – offering guidance around all aspects of the commission.

So if you live in the South West and you, or someone you know may have been a victim of: Abuse; Neglect; Violence; or Exploitation, Advocacy WA would like to offer our support to engage with this process – This can be done by contacting our team on (08) 9721 6444 or