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Disability Support Pension (DSP)

The Disability Support Pension (DSP) is an income support payment from Services Australia – Centrelink for people who cannot work, due to a permanent physical, intellectual, or psychiatric impairment.  The DSP provides an income for everyday living costs like rent, bills, food, or anything else you need or want.

If you, or someone else, would like to test your eligibility for this payment, Advocacy WA can assist you with:

  • Understanding the eligibility criteria for DSP, including the medical evidence and other evidence required to support your claim.
  • Providing support when attending a Job Capacity Assessment and
  • Assisting you to understand and navigate the appeals process if your claim is rejected.

Advocacy WA can also assist with other Services Australia – Centrelink issues including assisting you to request a review of a debt that has been raised against you.