Advocacy South West Team

Advocacy WA is an independent agency that employs experienced and qualified Individual Advocates


Each client is assigned an Individual Advocate (IA) who assists and supports the client until their issue has been resolved.

There are four main steps in this process:

Number 1

Initial Contact (self referral or agency referral)

Initial Contact (self referral or agency referral) – A brief description of the issue is collected through a short questionnaire which is forwarded onto the IA team for consideration;

Number 2

Initial Interview

Eligibility for our service is determined, the client is then registered and a Consent Form is completed.  An IA is then allocated and advocacy will commence unless the issue is placed on (priority) our waiting list;

Number 3

Assessment and Intervention Planning

The IA completes a detailed assessment and the issue is either resolved through consultation or registered with an Individual Action Plan (IAP) developed and implemented;

Number 4

Issue Closed

An issue is closed when it has been resolved through consultation, information, when no further progress is required or the client is no longer in contact with Advocacy WA

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  • Legal advice but where appropriate Advocates may help you get legal advice from a lawyer;
  • Casework services e.g. finding housing or jobs, applying for services, managing services, etc;
  • Advocacy services when a disability support worker/caseworker can reasonably provide advocacy support (without a conflict of interest);
  • Advocacy for a person when a more appropriate service is available to assist.