Your Rights

  • To be treated with fairness and respect (freedom from abuse);

  • To make your own decisions about your advocacy support;

  • To be fully informed in a way that you can understand;

  • To have your information treated privately and not shared without your permission;

  • To feel safe about complaining if you are not satisfied with your advocate;

  • To have an advocate who is independent from disability service providers.

Your Responsibilities

  • To treat your advocate with respect;

  • To understand that advocates try to do what you ask for but cannot do things that are illegal or may cause harm to you or others;

  • To let your advocate know everything you know about your issue;

  • To give at least 24 hours notice if you need to change an appointment;

  • To make sure your home is safe if your advocate is visiting;

  • To understand that due to limited resources that¬†advocates must help clients who have the greatest need first.

  • To undertake reasonable self advocacy tasks to assist to resolve the advocacy issue.