AWA Workshops

Get FREE advice and support at Advocacy WA workshops delivered throughout the South West region. Bookings essential.


WORKSHOP 1: Help from Advocacy WA

Learn how to get free support with a range of issues including:

⭐  Financial issues / Income

⭐  Safety

⭐  Community Access/Inclusion/Transport / Equipment

⭐  Education and Employment issues

⭐  Rights and Discrimination

⭐  Health/Medical issues

⭐  Service Provision /Housing/tenancy related issues/Homelessness

⭐  Legal*  – we are not able to provide legal advice, but we can refer you or provide support in accessing legal support


WORKSHOP 2: Introduction to Disability Support Pension

Learn how to apply and appeal DSP – topics include:

⭐  Introduction to DSP

⭐  Talking with your Doctor

⭐  Getting claim forms

⭐  Filling out the forms

⭐  Assessing medical evidence

⭐  Job capacity assessment

⭐  Program of support participation

⭐  Assessment process overview

⭐  Are you ready to apply? Claim checklist.

WORKSHOP 3: Navigating NDIS

Learn how to apply and appeal NDIS access and supports including:

⭐  Introduction to NDIS

⭐  Access and supports pathway

⭐  Eligibility

⭐  Access requests

⭐  Supporting Evidence

⭐  Who can I get evidence from?

⭐  Functional capacity?

⭐  What’s in your plan?

⭐  Internal Review

⭐  External appeals